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Strandzelt pop-up am Meer

Yay ─ finally summer, who doesn’t love that!

Strandzelt pop-up am Meer

Eating ice cream, wearing sandals, warm temperatures and sunbeams that make the water sparkle and entice you to jump into the refreshing water: summer is finally here and the long-awaited vacation or short break is here! Whether at the lake, the outdoor pool, the sea, or your own pool – an inflatable beach ball is an absolute must-have for great fun in the water and on land.
That sounds great so far, a short summer shower can also happen, after 5 minutes it’s all over and the sun dries everything quickly again – good thing you had your beach tent with you.

Beach tent Ole – practical and light

The great thing about our beach tent is that it is very light and can be taken on any adventure, whether it is a backpacking trip to the mountains, a bike ride to the lake or a well-deserved beach holiday. To get the beach tent on its feet you can use natural resources such as a large stone or sand, on the lawn the included pegs work great to tighten the beach tent and anchor it.
A little practical tip – to save even more weight you can also use your Nordic walking poles to support the tent! Versatility at its most practical.

Beach work in the snow

On Saturday afternoon, when the first snow fell, the kids wanted to get out and experience something straight away –
the kids and the sled were packed into the car and off we went.
Ole happened to be in the trunk and was allowed to come along on our trip.
When we got to the mountain, Ole was set up in the snow in no time and was child’s play.
Even filling the “feet” with snow was great fun for everyone
and our snow cave 2.0 was ready.
It was great as a hiding place for our snowball fight and was defended by the kids as an impregnable
fortress down to the last snowflake. Later it was also very suitable as a windbreak
when we watched the kids sledding.
It was definitely great fun for the whole family!