In the summer of 2019, three friends were sitting one evening drinking a beer in the “Teepot” in Warnemünde, the shape of which inspired us to create a product: to develop a beach tent that was easy to transport, fast to install and perfectly made. It should also be durable and, of course, look good. The first prototypes were developed in autumn and gave excellent results in beach testing. After several stages of development, our first beach tent “Ole” has seen the light.
What drives us is the holistic understanding of the product and attention to detail: starting from the logo, the design, the selected materials, right down to packaging and transport. We perfect everything down to the smallest detail.

Why are we doing this? We love our work, we are people who produce products from the bottom of our hearts and our tents are at the center! That’s why we work every day to improve our products and to give them that special touch. We live in exciting times: today, modern materials and manufacturing techniques offer unprecedented freedom in the design and production of leisure products. These technical details are not an end in themselves, but rather practical solutions that you will appreciate when using our products.
Our goal is to develop a young and innovative outdoor brand with the highest quality standards based on our beach tents. We can’t wait for you to join us on this journey.