The Strandwerk products


Good ideas are one thing, but it is only through perfect workmanship and extensive quality control that our products earn the Strandwerk seal of approval. In addition to the quality of the preliminary products, we also pay attention to the many technical details. These include the devices for setting up on the beach and on the lawn, which have to withstand wind and weather. Important are the extra-strong sewn seams, which are stable and highly elastic, the precisely manufactured aluminum plug-in system and, of course, the high-quality print. After all, the beach tent should not only last for many years, but also look great.


To produce our outdoor products, we only use high-quality materials that guarantee long durability even under intensive use. The heart of our tents are modern special fabrics that are extremely tear-resistant, flexible and durable and combine these properties with a pleasantly soft feel. Our tent poles and carabiners are made from light and stable aluminum from aviation. Thanks to this material mix and our many years of experience in material processing, we offer excellent quality and are constantly improving our products.